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Outdoor Single Tunnel Inflatable Bubble Tent

The Basics

Thanks for checking out our review on the Outdoor Single Tunnel Inflatable Bubble Tent. Keep reading for  all the details on this cool, family friendly backyard bubble tent!

Outdoor Single Tunnel Inflatable Bubble Tent

This bubble tent is family sized, 3 meters in diameter overall. It is completely transparent, made with PVC and PVC tarpaulin, and comes with a repair kit, glue, and a blower to inflate it. The tent is durable and made with a high quality welding machine. It has many uses beyond just being erected in your backyard. It keeps out insects, yet is also well ventilated. It has an entrance tunnel as well.

Comfortable, Sturdy, Transparent Backyard Tent

This backyard bubble tent is made of high quality materials. It contains the best PVC and PVC tarpaulin with a high quality welding machine. Users find it well made, and durable over the long term while still being comfortable and easy to use. The tent is also 3 meters in diameter, making it extremely. It is family sized, fitting 4­6 people in total, and definitely large enough to fit all of the things you’d need to create the perfect backyard stargazing spot. Users found that it was easily big enough for a large mattress and/or some comfortable chairs. One of the coolest parts of this tent is that it’s completely transparent! That makes it completely ideal for watching the stars or just enjoying the outdoors in general while still being protected from the weather as well as from annoying insects.

Ventilated, Waterproof, Bug Proof Tent

Outdoor Single Tunnel Inflatable Bubble Tent ExampleAnother great feature of this backyard bubble tent is that it’s completely waterproof. So if you are a fan of watching storms or even just rain, you can now enjoy the storms in a waterproof bubble. Users have mentioned that this tent is good at keeping the rain out in general.

However, waterproof it may be, but it’s also well ventilated. Users have found the ventilation surprisingly good for this type of tent considering that it looks like impenetrable plastic. Yet it still keeps out insects and other bugs so that you can enjoy being outdoors in the evenings without worrying about being bitten by mosquitoes or other annoying insects.

The tent also comes with lots of useful accessories. It does come with the blower that keeps the tent inflated, first of all, removing an extra expense from the cost of the tent. It also comes with a special glue that can assist in quick repairs. Best of all, a complete repair kit is included for use when the tent needs a more long term fix. Between that and a one year warranty, the makers of this tent intend for it to last you a while.

Insider Tips

Tip #1 – ­ The fan used to inflate the tent does have to stay on the entire time you have the tent erected in order to keep it inflated. However, most users have reported that the blower does not make a large amount of noise, making this less problematic than it may seem initially.

Tip #2­ – This backyard tent does not come with anything that can secure it into the ground. However, if you put heavy things in it such as chairs or some variety of a carpet for the floor, or other similar heavy items, the tent will stay still. Users have reported it being perfectly fine for up to level 4 winds, so the tent is, despite the light seeming construction, heavy enough to keep itself on the ground as well.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Family sized, large enough for comfort
  • Transparent to allow for star watching and other similar activities
  • Comes with lots of useful accessories including a repair kit and glue
  • Well ventilated overall
  • Completely waterproof


  • Fan has to stay on to keep the tent up
  • No way to secure it into the ground

Final Score: An Extremely Versatile, Super Cool Tent for All Ages!

Inflatable Bubble TentOverall, the Outdoor Single Tunnel Inflatable Bubble Tent is an amazing tent with so many potential uses. It’s large, sturdy, and transparent, making it a great option for backyard camping­ with or with out the kids! If you love stargazing or storm watching, this tent is perfect since not only is it transparent, it’s waterproof. Despite that, it’s well ventilated so that you can seal it up to keep out both rain and insects, giving you a great space to enjoy the outdoors without all of the frustrating insect bites that can come with doing so. It comes not only with the blower that inflates it and keeps it up, but a free repair kit and glue just in case.

In general, this bubble tent is a great investment. It’s a great product for families with large backyards especially, since it’s big enough for 4­6 people. And if your family loves stargazing and/or storm watching, then it’s even better!

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