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Stansport 2 Burner Propane Stove

The Basics

Hey, thanks for checking out our review on the Stansport Two Burner Propane Stove. Overall it’s a great little camping stove, but read on to get all of the details.

This two burner camping stove is a stainless steel portable camp stove. It runs on propane, has a drip tray, and uses Piezo electric ignition. The 14lb stove has a windscreen and, well, two burners at 25,000 BTU each, totalling 50,000 BTU output overall. Regular sized pots and pans fit two at a time on the strong stainless steel frame. For high elevation use, it has a pressure regulator as well. It closes with a latch and has a handle for easy carrying. It fits easily in the Large Coleman Stove Carrying Case.

stansport-burnerHeat Control

Two of the most useful things about this camping stove are its heat control and its power. The stove gets hotter than many of its competitors, much more quickly, which means you should probably be careful if you have to touch it for any reason! It boils a liter of water in around 3 ½ minutes. You have much more control in cooking temperatures as well, this stove has very good precision control in most situations, though the lower temperatures can be noted to have less control in some cases.

You will, however, use significantly more propane much faster due to the higher power output that comes with the higher heat than you would on a lower powered stove. Many users have suggested buying larger propane tanks to connect to this stove so that you can go longer between propane can changes.

Strength, Ignition, Wind, and Cleanup

It’s also a good size and frame strength; you can put two large pots or pans on it at the same time. It can fit pans such as a 10 inch skillet (or two) and can even hold a cast iron dutch oven, as well as any other cast iron cookware, without collapsing. This can make cooking while camping much easier, especially for families who may need to cook more food at one time. It’s bigger than most of it’s competitors, giving the user more cooking space as well. That little bit of extra space makes a huge difference!

This Stansport camping stove works well in high elevations and breezy conditions as well. The pressure adjuster makes cooking in these environments much easier as it prevents the stove from freezing or otherwise malfunctioning at higher altitudes. The windscreen does help protect the flames in most cases, but there are small gaps between the back and side screens that a stronger wind can get through and occasionally cause problems with the flame going out while cooking or taking significantly longer to heat things. This situation is more prevalent with stronger winds, but you generally have your cooking uninterrupted during a moderate breeze.

camping-stovesHowever, if the flame does go out, the electric starter works well to eliminate the need for matches or lighters like a traditional propane stove requires. The electric ignition has no complaints, and has been given significant praise from users. Between that and the windscreen, this stove is very easy to maintain during cooking and doesn’t take much initial prep or setup time.

The removable drip pan makes it easy to clean up if you use it more like a grill than a stove, or if you’re simply a messy chef! Grease and other food products wipe off easily, and the drip pan is both easy to remove and easy to replace back in the stove.

Insider Tips

Tip #1 – Some users have noted that the two burners are a bit too far apart for easy griddle use in most situations. To use it like a griddle, you have to either pick a burner side or have wasted space in the middle of the griddle that is hard to get things to cook on. The wide space is helpful when you’re cooking with pans, but not so much when you’re attempting to use a griddle.

Tip #2 – There isn’t a secure place to tie the propane adapter either. The adapter comes twist tied to the stove, and several people have noted that they keep it using that original twist tie. Others wrap it and keep it under the stove’s lid for transport.


  • Strong frame can handle heavy pots and pans
  • Piezo Electric ignition eliminates the need for matches and lighters
  • Very powerful camping stove
  • Works well at high elevations
  • Windscreen to prevent flames being blown out at moderate wind
  • Burners can be set lower to conserve propane


  • Construction is not very durable overall, especially not over time *
  • Distance between burners makes griddle setting problematic
  • Windscreen has a tendency to rust due to regular exposure to high heat

* The stove has a tendency, despite a strong frame, to not hold up well to hard or prolonged use. Those who have taken it through more rugged territory or less structured adventures have noticed that it doesn’t hold up under rough handling. The casing on this product is rather cheap, thin metal, easily bent or broken.  Many others who own this stove and have for a while notice that the quality of the stove noticeably deteriorates over time. Problems such as a malfunctioning burners, deteriorating burners, bent frames from heavy pots or pans, and similar deterioration of the product over long periods of time.

stansport-camping-stove-closedFinal Score: An Overall Good Camping Stove

Overall, the Stansport Two Burner Propane Stove has been rated fairly well. It burns hot at altitudes and temperatures that other stoves can’t handle, stays lit in more situations, is easier to light, and can hold larger and heavier pots and pans. However, this stove is not the stove for someone looking to take it through very rugged environments, as its overall long term durability is questionable. A stove bag is also recommended. This stove is best served in a situation where it will be transported primarily in a car and won’t undergo too much extensive rough handling. This stove has been noted as a good ‘starter’ camp stove.

However, in general this stove will serve the needs of a large percentage of campers happily and easily. It has good heat output and is reliable for .a fairly long time. This stove is overall a good investment for your next cooking stove.

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