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Tea ‘n’ Lunch

Tea ‘n’ Lunch


Here’s another loose, easy to make recipe for you to enjoy in your tent camping mealtimes.  It’s loose because you can pick fruit or berry that you enjoy and use any grain or bread that you like that can soak up water and will go great with the fruit you picked. For the tea, pick a type that will go well with your fruit. You can also make a mixture of wild edibles for your tea. For example I once mixed rose hips and tree hemlock in with the water from my boiled apple. With the apple I added a maple brown sugar oatmeal pack and a small pouch of slivered almonds. Here’s how to make this recipe.


  • Any fruit or Berry, amount about the size of an apple.
  • Oats, Oatmeal, wheat meal or bread product
  • Water 3-4 cups


  1. Boil fruit of choice (ex. 1 apple) in about 2 cups of water
  2. Drain most of the water into a drinking cup, leaving enough for the next step,
  3. Add package of oatmeal or other grain or bread to the remaining water and fruit
  4. Add tea bag of choice loose wild tea to the drinking cup with fruit water inside it
  5. If needed, add more water to your oatmeal/bread & fruit
  6. You can also add berries and nuts to the oats and fix tea to your liking by adding sugar, honey, dry milk, etc.

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